Variegated Oxalis Triangularis Bulb x 1 - Grow your own!

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Hello GORGEOUS! Oxalis Triangularis are one of the trending plants of the moment!

Oxalis Triangularis are highly desirable indoor plants that open and close in response to light. At night these babes resemble a sweet little a cluster of purple umbrellas that then gracefully open to greet the morning light.

As mature Oxalis plants do not travel well, we have released Oxalis Bulbs for you to grow your own!

Please note we have a 5 bulb maximum per person in place.

You will receive 1 x Oxalis Bulb for $15. The bulbs are all different shapes and sizes, however will all grow into gorgeous plants.

Once you receive your bulb/s immediately plant them up in quality indoor soil. They do not require a dormant period.

Place the bulb 2cm under the surface of the soil laying horizontally. We recommend planting the bulb in a 80mm to 120mm nursery pot. Do not plant one bulb in a pot larger than 120mm or you risk rotting the bulb.

The more bulbs you have, the bigger pot you can use if planting multiple in one pot.

Water the plant and keep the soil relatively moist, but not wet. Depending on the season you will see new growth on the plant within several weeks (in cooler months it will take longer).

Place the pot in a position where it receives morning sun for several hours and day and watch your new Oxalis flourish!

First photo demonstrates what a bulb looks like. Other photos show small to medium size plants with several months growth for inspiration.

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